• Our standard frames for artworks measuring 125 x 75 cm and 95 x 105cm made from a factory finished, grain...

    Our standard frames for artworks measuring 125 x 75 cm and 95 x 105cm made from a factory finished, grain visible wooden section have either 2mm glass or 3mm acrylic glazing. Larger artworks have a higher-grade frame to support their weight. These frames are usually graphite black stained and bees-wax polished with either 3mm or 4mm UV acrylic. We are able to supply these larger frames spray finished in white, yet they carry a 15% surcharge due to the added time required to achieve the finish. 


    Glass or Acrylic, there are advantages of both. Acrylic tends to travel better than glass due to acrylic being lighter which helps reduce delivery and air freight costs. To protect artworks from Ultra Violet (UV) damage we are able to supply frames with varying standards of UV protection, the higher the level of protection the higher the cost unfortunately. We can also supply frames glazed with non-reflective acrylic. Non reflective high UV protection acrylic is definitely the preferred option if ones wallet can bear the extra cost - for-example high UV 4mm non reflective acrylic will be approximately three times more expensive than standard UV acrylic. 

    If you require any further information regarding frame specifications, please contact the studio.